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The IMFFA (International Monetary Fund Family Association) is a volunteer organization comprised of the spouses and partners of IMF employees. We provide a welcoming and supportive community for IMF families through cultural, social, educational, and career-related activities. The entire association is run by volunteers. Click here to become a member!

Our new website provides members with valuable information about the Fund and the Washington, DC Metro area. It offers many useful resources and activities making transitions and daily life easier and more enjoyable. IMFFA members come from the globe's 188 countries. This gives a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures, make new friends and
expand horizons. 

Spring Connections (Kaleidoscope of Cultures)


Spring Connections (Kaleidoscope of Cultures)


We need volunteers to help during the show. Let us know if you can help.

Teen Summer Program 2015

The Teen Summer Program (TSP) is an initiative jointly organized and conducted by the Family Associations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). A group of 36 teens aged 16 to 18 with parents working for one of these institutions get to participate in the program. They spend three weeks between the months of June and July at the IMF, WB and IDB, learning how these unique organizations work. This learning experience is achieved by appropriate interaction with experts and staff members from each organization. There are over 100 applicants for the program yearly, and selection is based on interests, school work, and motivation. The group spent each day meeting with staff and getting some hands-on experience and topical discussions. These teenagers learn about the numerous World Bank, Fund, and IDB operations through presentations, workshops, mock meetings and mock Missions.

Check out highlights from each of the three weeks!

Social Community for Members to Connect!


We are proud to introduce an initiative that we believe will enhance your IMFFA experience. Social Community is a private social network that only IMFFA members can access. We encourage you to try out this feature and introduce yourself to new friends, join circles, answer discussion posts, upload photos, learn of other groups, and experience Social Community. Go ahead and interact here (log-in required).  For more information or a powerpoint guide, click here.




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Can I Get Involved?

Yes! If you are an IMF spouse or partner, you are automatically eligible to be an IMFFA member, but we hope you will become an active member.

Visit our Events page to see the wide range of activities we offer and register to participate. And visit our Volunteers page to find ways to get involved.

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