Financial Planning Consultant

IMF staff members may request up to two hours of financial planning assistance free of charge from the Fund’s financial planning consultant at any time during the course of your career. Appointments can be taken at any time during a Fund career, either one hour at a time or two hours in one session. Please email the IMFFA Office for the consultant’s contact information or consult the IMF Intranet.

The Fund also keeps a list additional financial planning consultants in the DC Metro Area. Please contact the Human Resources Department for more information.

Employee Fiscal Fitness Program

The Employee Fiscal Fitness Program (EFFP), offered through Money Management International (MMI), assists IMF staff, as well as their immediate family members, in managing their personal finances and reaching their financial goals. The program includes: monthly lunchtime seminars; personal and confidential budget, credit, and money management counseling; voluntary participation in a debt management plan; and access to information on credit, debt, money management, and similar topics via newsletters, webinars, webcasts, etc.


Staff, contractuals and their immediate families (parents, step-parents, children, step-children, spouses, domestic partners, siblings and step-siblings).

Service Provider

Money Management International (MMI) is a privately funded, nonprofit credit counseling organization that provides professional financial guidance, credit counseling, community-wide educational programs, debt management assistance, bankruptcy counseling and education services, and housing counseling assistance to consumers via phone, Internet and in-person sessions.


MMI’s dedicated telephone number for the Fund is 1-866-384-2227. You should identify yourself as a Fund employee or family member in order to be referred to the appropriate counselor. Additional information about MMI, as well as educational material, webinars, webcasts, articles, financial calculators and tools, are available at MMI’s website.

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