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Resources (Links, Books and Articles)

  1. Networking

LinkedIn: is the most recommended and utilized online resource for networking. Use this resource to connect with former colleagues and current contacts as well as create new connections.  Most recruiters say they use LinkedIn for networking and searching for candidates.   When creating a profile, be complete and be sure you reflect your current location (Washington, DC).

  1. Job Search Sites
  • indeed.com – Comprehensive website that allows you to search for open positions by industry, title, and geography.
  • idealist.org – An online resource for the nonprofit sector, providing career advice and job search tools
  • themuse.com – Search for jobs; get advice on job search, interviewing, and networking.
  • devex.com – Offers a job board and career advice for international development professionals.
  • flex professionals – Provides job solutions matching part-time professionals with employers seeking flexible staffing services in DC, Boston, MD, Northern VA.
  1. Salary Information Sites
  • glassdoor.com– Provides salary and as well as company information
  • salary.com – Provides information on salary by industry and title.
  • payscale.com – Provides information on salary negotiations in the US.
  1. Additional Tips

It is a good idea to start your resume with a profile or summary of what you bring to the table.  Assume no one will read anything but this.  Let the reader know what your top skills and personality traits are.  Add an accomplishment to make it sizzle.

This is a simple, succinct one-page resume of a re-entry candidate.