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English Classes with IMFFA

The IMF Family Association provides high beginner-intermediate and high intermediate-advanced level English Classes for spouses and partners of IMF Staff, Contractuals and Vendors.

Our classes cover grammar, vocabulary, and four key skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – while enabling students to communicate in English and interact with each other. Classes are tailored to the needs of the students, and our highly qualified teachers guide students into discussions, activities, and presentations on a variety of interesting and culturally relevant topics.

Each class generally has 6 to 8 students and is currently being offered online via Webex. Our students commit to two sessions of three hours per week.

What our students are saying

I had a great time studying English thanks to wonderful teachers and classmates! The English class was very helpful and enriched my life in D.C.

Kanako (Japan)

LEARNING : L – Lots of new friends / E – English as a second language is more fluent now / A – Arts has become more familiar during classes / R – Reading skills have improved a lot / N – New skills for how to express myself in English / I – Interesting topics every time / N – Never enough time for discussions during the three hour class / G – Great way of getting to know new cultures from all over the world.

Satu (Finland)

“A journey of learning and friendship” – : http://chronicles.imffa.org/2016/06/20/a-journey-of-learning-and-friendship/


Students giving oral presentations

Field trip to the National Portrait Gallery


We offer three sessions of classes during the year:

  • Fall (September – December), 12 weeks/24 classes, $500
  • Winter (January – April), 12 weeks/24 classes, $500
  • Spring (April – June), 8 weeks/16 classes, $450

Registration for our courses is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. We try to welcome as many students as possible, however, priority may be given to newcomers if the number of registrations exceeds capacity. Spouses from the World Bank are also welcome to join subject to availability. New students are provided a short and friendly assessment free of charge. Tuition fees do not include the cost of books and materials. Students should pay course fees by the first day of the class.

IMFFA Level-1 English Classes Spring 2022
These classes focus on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing while building vocabulary and
correct usage of grammar structures. All skills are taught in real-life context. Students will have the opportunity to
learn about and discuss US culture, history, politics as well as analyze current events that impact our daily lives.

IMFFA Level-2 English Classes Spring 2022
Acquire and Polish advanced English language skills for communicating fluently. These classes help members acquire and improve advanced language skills in English essential for adapting to a professional life in the US. This course is specifically designed for members who would like to improve their language skills to study in US colleges/universities and/or achieve adequate fluency for the communicating in the workplace.

Note: Placement in a class will be based on needs and level assessment. The exact level and time of each course will be determined after placement test and needs assessment interviews. Returning students can skip the level test and meet the instructor for a discussion of student needs and expectations (needs-assessment).

If there are insufficient registrations, classes will be canceled one day prior to the first day of the course.

English Spring Session 2022 is now accepting registrations! Registration deadline is April 21, 2022. 

Register here

Who is Eligible

IMFFA English classes are open to all spouses and partners of IMF Staff, Contractuals, and Vendors. Other G-4 dependents, such as children or parents, as well as G-5 domestic employees are also eligible provided they can obtain an IMF ID badge.

Spouses from the World Bank are also welcome to join subject to availability.

Refund Policy

Students must inform the IMFFA Office and their teachers in writing if they wish to cancel their registration. There is no refund for partial completion of the course or for missed classes.

Learn More

For further details please contact Danhong Ning, Education Chair, the IMFFA Board, at ndh099@gmail.com.