There’s benefits to being a member of the IMFFA

Joining the association is a great opportunity to enhance your social skills and meet new people. It also brings fun into your life, provides helpful information, and provides a sense of community and belonging.
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Member Benefits

Learn new skills

Most successful people in the world are those who are best at learning new skills. At IMFFA we aim to share valuable skills, knowledge and experiences with fellow members. Some of the skills members have acquired include: learning a new language, learning how to cook, learning how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, learning how to perform CPR, learning how to invest and save money, learning how to become a reader, learning how to create a resume (cv), learning how to bike, learning how to make arts and crafts among many others...

Meet new friends

The best way to make friends is to join an organization. IMFFA has many clubs, activities, and events where people from all over the world meet and soon become friends! It is the easiest way to interact with others that share the same interests and perspectives. By joining IMFFA you will make good and healthy friendships that will benefit you and help you get acquainted with the new lifestyle in the USA.

Information and resources

The best tool to make life important decisions is to be informed. IMFFA shares IMF news, benefits, and resources that affect the families and dependents of IMF staff.  Information about living and working in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) is also provided. Many of the workshops and seminars we design are based on what the members need and want to know about particular topics.

Membership Eligibility

  • IMF staff spouse or domestic partner
  • IMF retiree spouse
  • IMF staff single-parents


“I joined IMFFA shortly after my family relocated to Washington DC from Ukraine in January 2022. It was quite challenging for me to settle down in the US and IMFFA became one of the main channels to explore life around. I was surprised by how many useful activities they suggested! From excellent English language courses to community clubs, which helped me connect with people, enjoy and find new friends. I also appreciate the availability of assistance on various types of issues, including legal ones – a very helpful part of IMFFA's work. My experience of integration into the new environment was very comfortable thanks to IMFFA."
-Elena Sholomitskaya
“Hello, My name is Alessandra, and I am from Rome, Italy. I have been living in Washington, DC since July 2022. I joined IMFFA English courses last September and I just finished the Spring 2022 session, my third semester.

How has my experience been so far? It's been great and fun. I studied a lot and shared many laughs! Before moving to Washington, I didn't have the opportunity to speak, so my English was a bit rusty. 😊Now it's much better; my listening, speaking, and understanding have certainly improved. The topics covered during the classes are all interesting because they relate to our daily lives, so they are useful and make me feel comfortable when interacting with other people. They also help us learn about American history and lifestyle..."
-Alessandra Figliuoli
“My name is Patricia, I am Brazilian, and I have been proudly volunteering for the IMF Family Association for over eight years and counting. I have personally witnessed the passion and professionalism devoted by all the Association Board Members and volunteers when it comes to the well-being and quality of life issues that are specific to international families in D.C.

When I arrived in D.C I started at IMFFA as a volunteer in the social events and attending the English Classes. Over time I started to participate in Ikebana Classes, Craft Classes, Bake Sales, Professional Workshops, Coffee Mornings and the Book Club. I had help from the Association to get my Work Permit and I had assistance from Sheila Mckenna to update my resume and bring it up to the American standard.

I can say with certainty that I took advantage of absolutely everything the Association has to offer, and I met wonderful people and made many friends, that I call “my home-away-from-home family”. I come from a family where giving was and is important, so it was a value I grew up with. It’s important to us to help where it is needed and to give back to the community and that’s why in 2015, I became Co-Chair of the Family Association and I stayed in that position until 2018 when my spouse was relocated to China.

During all this time I can say that I made the most of all the activities and classes that IMFFA provided me, and I learned a lot with each one of the members I met in the welcoming sessions.
I can't imagine what my transition to Washington D.C would be like without IMFFA. When I think about the love and support I've received from everyone there, it overwhelms me with emotion. I am so incredibly grateful to be part of IMFFA.”

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