English Programs

We understand the language barriers for families in transition, so we created our English classes to help our members overcome these challenges and thrive in their new home in Washington, DC. Our courses will help you build your language confidence and improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Our classes cover grammar, vocabulary, and four key skills –reading, writing, listening, and speaking – while enabling students to communicate in English and interact with each other. Classes are tailored to the needs of the students, and our highly qualified teachers guide students into discussions, activities, and presentations on a variety of interesting and culturally relevant topics.

Each class generally has 5 to 8 students and is currently being offered in a hybrid mode: with the option of joining online via WebEx or in-person at the IMF. Our students commit to two sessions of three hours per week. We offer three different sessions during the year:

Fall (September – December), 12 weeks/24 classes, $500
Winter (January – April), 12 weeks/24 classes, $500
Spring (April – June), 9 weeks/18 classes, $450

Stay tuned for the bi-weekly newsletter with upcoming program schedule!

IMFFA Level-1 English

Ideal for beginners - a very good place to start. Registration is now open for Fall 2023! Contact us to register.

IMFFA Level-2 English

Acquire and Polish advanced English language skills for communicating fluently. Registration is now open for Fall 2023! Contact us to register.

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Membership is free of charge. We welcome IMF staff spouses, domestic partners, and children. We also encourage IMF staff that are single parents with young children to become a member.