IMFFA Level-1 English

Level-1 English Classes

These classes focus on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing while building vocabulary and correct usage of grammar structures. All skills are taught in real-life context. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss US culture, history, politics as well as analyze current events that impact our daily lives.

IMFFA English classes are open to all spouses and partners of IMF Staff, Contractuals, and Vendors. Other G-4 dependents, such as children or parents, as well as G-5 domestic employees are also eligible provided they can obtain an IMF ID badge.

Spouses and partners from the World Bank and IDB are also welcome to join subject to availability.

Field trip Fall 2021 – field trip to the Sculpture Garden with the Intermediate & Beginner Course students

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Membership is free of charge. We welcome IMF staff spouses, domestic partners, and children. We also encourage IMF staff that are single parents with young children to become a member.